7 Ways to Give Back to the Ocean

The ocean is our life force. It provides the air we breathe, the food that nourishes our bodies, brings us jobs and healthy livelihoods, and is a strong physical and spiritual healing source of inspiration and wonder for us all. Today our ocean is in peril, we have lost so much life below those big blue waves in just a short period of time and if we aren’t cautious of our actions, we may hit a point of no return. We cannot take our ocean for granted. Below are 7 actions steps you can take to give back to the ocean today.

1. If you dive, protect the reef by staying buoyant.
2. Make the shift to Reef Safe Sunscreen! Common chemical sunscreens rub off your body and seep into the ocean killing coral. Here’s a guide by Mind Body Green on The Best Natural Mineral Sunscreen on the Market Right Now. You can also check out Carine Care for an eco-friendly sunscreen my friend Cynthia C Carvajal has created out of Austin, Texas.
3. Eat mindfully- make responsible seafood choices. Pacific blue-fin tuna has been depleted by 97%. Follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch app for recommendations.
4. Dive against Debris, turn a dive into a cleanup!
5. Stop using single use plastics- skip the straw, bring your own to-go containers, reusable water bottle and utensils!
6. Give back - donate or participate in local beach cleanups or ocean initiatives and research. Follow Project AWARE, Operation Rich Coast , OneSea , Worldrise, Surfrider Foundation, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Waterlust, WiseFool for more!
7. Raise awareness- speak up and share your concerns with others!