Geo-engineering: Adding More Pollution to Find the Solution

ATTENTION all climate activists, conscious consumers, Earth loving humans, and EVERYBODY in general. Were you aware that these discussions have slipped into mainstream media?

A report from Agence France-Presse has revealed new guidelines for finding a solution to our climate crisis essentially establishing “climate credits” by using geo-engineering technologies seriously discouraging efforts to reverse climate change.

Instead of reducing greenhouse gases, the climate standard would aim to manage and record “radiative forcing” which is the amount of excess energy trapped in our atmosphere. It focuses on a specific technique called Solar Radiation Management (SRM). Solar geoengineering is an extremely risky technology attempting to lower the Earth’s temperature by spraying sun-blocking chemicals into the atmosphere. There is plenty of research that suggests that these manipulations to the global climate system would create severe disruptions in our global weather patterns such as major droughts in Africa and more harsh monsoons in Asia affecting the food supply for millions of people.

We genuinely do not have enough knowledge to even be putting Geo-engineering on the table.

We genuinely do not have enough knowledge to even be putting Geo-engineering on the table.

This isn’t the only “solution” on the table. The Royal Society, Britain’s legendary academy of science has proposed “fertilizing” the oceans with iron to pull carbon, covering deserts with white sheets to reflect sunlight, machines that would suck carbon from the air, space mirrors, and cloud brightening. The concept that science and technology will save us is what allows us to continue consuming and taking all and any resources we want, as if no generation will follow.

Image by: NASA

Image by: NASA


Solar Geo-engineering is definitely of high interest to the fossil fuel industry having been promoted and researched for decades through the International Standards Organization (ISO), discussions which are dominated by industrial interests and refuse any spaces or voices from the civil society.  One of the main groups attempting to advance solar geo-engineering is the Harvard Solar Geoengineering Research Program, which is racing to make the first open-air solar geoengineering experiment (SCoPEx). We all know from history that once serious field tests begin on a “remote middle of nowhere island,” deployment isn’t far behind. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

After much research and reading, I’m starting to realize these discussions are less about technology and global warming and more about politics.  Let me ask you this, if the models showed that pumping sulfur into the stratosphere would cause widespread drought and famine in North America and Europe as opposed to Africa and Asia, do you think these sci-fi inventions would be so highly considered?

Who is behind all of this?

The two mega sponsors of these geoengineering technologies are the World Academy of Sciences based in Italy and the Environmental Defense Fund. If there’s one thing I hate the most in the environmental world, it’s Big Green. These are the large “environmental” organizations that raise millions of dollars every year with the promise of preserving our natural ecosystems while at the same time holding long term strategic relationships in places where the money is at such as, Walmart, Monsanto, and of course oil and gas giants. But that’s another post for another day.


I encourage you to read more, research this topic and think about what sounds like a better future: peaceful communities living and consuming consciously for future generations or a scientific experiment we don’t know enough about causing widespread drought and famine?


If you’re interested in learning more, read the chapter on Dimming the Sun in Naomi Klein’s book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. Climate or watch her documentary.