6 Items you Should Always Leave the House With

We're half way through Plastic Free July but I'm challenging you to make plastic free July a lifestyle for every month of the year. Plastic is harmful for our health and our environment. Less than 91% of all plastics globally is not recycled [1], kills over 100 million marine mammals each year [2], about 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually [3], it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 [4]. You can make a difference by reducing your plastic consumption and choosing alternatives to single-use plastics! Here’s a list of the items I always leave the house with!


1.     Reusable bag (purchase of this bag goes to Chay Nhat, a non-profit working towards reducing the plastic pollution in Vietnam through beach clean-ups)

2.   Metal or bamboo straw (bamboo straws from Con Market, organic market in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica  

3.      Reusable cup/ water bottle (mineral purified water by Vitajuwel)

4.     Reusable silverware

5.     To-go box

6.     Reusable sandwhich bags (From Blue Avocado and Solei, handmade from natural fibers by Costa RIcan artist)

Check out featured guest blogger, Kara Michelle’s Being Karmic blog post explaining where Plastic Free July came from, what are single-use plastics, and how you can plan ahead to avoid them!

Kara Michelle is a meditation, yoga & reiki, vegan & plastic-free enthusiast and blogger also founder of Aliya Dung Paper – Eco-friendly, fair trade, and handmade notebooks made from 30% elephant dung, 70% recycled paper with proceeds going towards Elephants in Sri Lanka.  Find her and her awesome notebooks on instagram: @being.karmic & @aliyapaper and facebook: being.karmic