It’s easy to get caught up in all of the pressure, to-dos, and over consumption of the holiday season. Every year around 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging is thrown away.  An eco-friendly Christmas isn't always at the top of our minds but with a little planning, it’s pretty easy to keep the plastic away this Christmas. Below are some quick zero-waste gift tips I used this year and in the past!

  • Explore DIY gift ideas- one year my sister and I made our families natural scrubs and body powders using essential oils, sugar, flour, and herbs from the garden

  • Gift experiences instead of “things”- experiences are the best gifts in my opinion

  • Bring your own bags when shopping for gifts- This is easy to forget, but try to remind yourself to take them with you before leaving the house, most likely the shops will give you plastic bags for your purchases

  • Be mindful of shipping waste- shopping in stores can reduce excessive packaging and fuel waste

  • Use recycled/ eco-friendly wrapping paper- magazine paper, brown Kraft wrapping paper, reuse old bags and tissue paper you’ve saved up from the past, make the bag part of the gift like burlap bags or baskets, use twine or string to tie it all together, get creative and use natural items to decorate the gift (thyme, rosemary, and lavender make great gift garnishes)

There are always different ideas and ways to keep your waste low during the holidays you just need a little planning and creativity!

Wishing you an Eco-concious 2018 Holiday season!