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Hey there beautiful people, my name is Christine! I’m a wellness copywriter and a fierce ocean advocate.

 My journey writing began one day when my mom came home with the documentary, The Cove, produced by Oceanic Preservation Society. This film follows a group of activists and filmmakers to reveal the massive dolphin slaughter that happens every year in Taiji, Japan. I knew I had to do something about this bloodbath but what could I do half way across the world? My only options were to write and speak about it. I then started a blog mainly reviewing and summarizing sustainability documentaries and films encouraging others to become informed about various topics related to our wild lands, oceans, and humanity.

 With the bombardment of negative news and media that dominates our lives today, I decided to shift my focus in writing using a lens of optimism in living a sustainable and balanced life to encourage others that together we can make a difference through love and light.

I take a holistic approach to wellness that incorporates well-being of the mind, body, spirit and the Earth. To me, wellness is so much more than being fit or eating right. Wellness encompasses complete balance in everything you do to build a life of paix, amour, et bonheur. Peace, Love, and Happiness.

As a copywriter, I write for individuals like you who are passionate about their work in the wellness industry standing strong behind their conscious brands while fostering an abundant and sustainable life and community. You know that your talents are enriching other people’s lives in a profound way and that your work is awakening our collective consciousness. Your soul is telling you that this is what you were put on this Earth to do and that you have to share it with the world now. But you’re still struggling to put all of your beautiful ideas and stories into writing so that others can see the value in the work that you do. Ne t’inquiète pas! That’s why I’m here! I can help you tell your story, giving life and a voice to all of your brilliant ideas for a brighter future.

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