I just finished reading 30 Things To Do When you Turn 30! This book is a collection of illuminating and inspiring essays by fascinating writers, entrepreneurs, athletes, bloggers, singers, musicians, and more. Among the contributors are: Jessica Jackley Flannery, philanthropist and co-founder of Kiva; Bo Menkiti, real estate entrepreneur; Daniel Bernard Roumain, violinist and composer; Kate KT Tunstall, a popular, two-time Grammy Award nominated singer who has sold over 4 million albums; Mike Robbins, motivational speaker and author; Chris Webber, NBA star; Timothy Ferriss, author of bestselling book The Four Hour Work Week; Paige Davis, host of Trading Spaces; Amy Richards, feminist and author, Mangesh Hattikudur, co-founder of Mental Floss; Jennifer 8. Lee, author and New York Times reporter; Douglas Merrill, vice president of Google; Vivek Shah, president of Fortune/Money Digital Publishing; Jen MacNeil, author of the 365/In the New blog; and many more inspiring achievers.

Below are my 30 takeaways from this book:

30 Things to Do When you Trn 30

1. Escape your comfort zone ⁣
2. Impact another human being’s life in a special way ⁣
3. Learn your own worth and then volunteer that worth to others ⁣
4. Invest in a home ⁣
5. Always question the self-limiting assumptions of others ⁣
6. Live for today ⁣
7. Feed your passion and never give it up ⁣
8. Dream, decide, and do ⁣
9. Acknowledge your accomplishments ⁣
10. Foster an introspective soul ⁣
11. Become an expert on what you do ⁣
12. Come into your own ⁣
13. Focus on the positive and be grateful for everything you have ⁣
14. Transform your fear into positive energy ⁣
15. Master your talents ⁣
16. Invest less hours into work and more into family and friends⁣
17. Nurture the friendships that count ⁣
18. Manage expectations ⁣
19. Address the areas where you are holding back from being your highest self ⁣
20. Get fit and love your body ⁣
21. Allow space for creating and building bigger plans ⁣
22. Challenge yourself⁣
23. Slow down, unplug, unwind, and enjoy the present ⁣
24. Focus inward ⁣
25. Be unstoppable ⁣
26. Put the ideas and thoughts of others to use in your life ⁣
27. Get out into the woods more often ⁣
28. Take an unexpected trip somewhere ⁣
29. Conquer a fear⁣
30. Explore your spiritual being ⁣

What are your favorites from this list? What are your priorities as a thirty something or for those of you still in your second decade around the sun, what would like to accomplish before you turn 30? ⁣You can purchase this book on amazon here.