Why Drink Gemwater?

I think everyone knows that I’m obsessed with my VitaJuwel water bottle! My gem stone infused bottled is the Five Elements blend. These bottles are made based on the ancient traditional Chinese and Greek medicine principles to purify water and enhance the energy in and around your life. Each aspect of life is symbolized by one of five elements and this blend includes one gemstone for each element: Wood for growth, water for reflection, earth for grounding metal for strength, and fire for passion. In my gem pod you’ll find Petrified wood for growth, amethyst for soothing the mind and emotions, rose quartz for tranquility, and chalcedony + ocean chalcedony for balance and optimism.


So why should you drink Gemwater? This form of crystal healing has been associated with many wellness outcomes such as:

  • Increased energy & concentration

  • Improved sensuality

  • Higher self-confidence

  • Alleviating pain

  • Helping allergies

  • Water purification

Infusing water with gemstone energy is not only an aesthetically beautiful water filter, but it can be also help bring more charged positive energy into your life. The VitaJuwel Gem Pods come in eighteen different, interchangeable combinations. Shop for your gemstone water bottle and get a free California White Sage bundle with purchase!