Stillness: 5 Reasons to Embrace its Practice Daily

Featured Guest Blogger- Miriam Madrid

"Stillness.  Have you ever gone in a forest and felt so lost in nature that nothing else could be more relaxing and beautiful?  It is the feeling of complete disconnectedness, lost in the modern world.  This feeling quiets the world for a minute.  In an age of cell phones, technology, TV, Facebook feeds, commercials, and Youtube, sometimes the mind needs a break from all of the noise trying to get our attention.

Stillness.  We crave stillness."

Here are 5 Reasons to Embrace a Practice of Stillness

1. Stillness opens a sense of renewed energy and calm

You don’t have to buy anything. You don’t have to be someone different.  Stillness is about who you are at this moment.  As the Nirvana song says, “Come as you are,” stillness is about accepting what is, and who you are.  Embracing this peace is stillness.

2. Stillness helps you accept where you are right now

“Sitting still is a way of falling in love with the world and everything in it; I’d seldom thought of it like that.  Going nowhere as a way of cutting through the noise and finding fresh time and energy to share with others; I’d sometimes moved toward the idea, but it had never come home to me so powerfully as in the example of this man who seemed to have everything, yet found his happiness, his freedom in giving everything up.”

— Pico Iyer in "The Art of Stillness"

3.It helps in appreciating the 'little moments'

Life is more peaceful when we realize we don’t need so much to create happiness.  We can have a cup of coffee and a great conversation, and that experience is magnified when there are less distractions.  Sure, life will continue, but there is something to be said about living each moment in joy and reducing the amount of daily anxieties.  

For each individual, this process looks different, yet the benefits of the time and space it creates are huge motivations to continue on the journey to living more intentionally.   For in these quiet moments, we often find our deepest longing within.

4. It can be simple

Finding stillness doesn't have to be complicated.  We can find stillness in any moment we chose to listen to what is around us.  One way to do this would be to play a "New Age" or "Classical" music playlist, any music without words.  Another way would be to take a walk through nature.  Some days it might be having a glass of tea. 

5. Stillness gives us the ability to impact the world in greater ways

Is a busy, hectic life the sign that we are moving forward faster? Often times, we believe the feeling of overwhelm and feeling ”frazzled’ has to be a common sentiment running through life to accomplish something big.  That is, until we realize we could choose to be still.  We could meditate, reflect, and be at ease with the present moment.  Although the busy time will continue, stillness provides the space to reconnect with what is truly important.  Ironically,  stillness gives us the energy to do more.  When we work from a place of stillness, the world notices something different.  Stillness makes us at ease with who we are, and where we are in the present moment, and incidentally, this propels us forward in the direction of our goals.


Written by: Miriam Madrid

Miriam Madrid is a freelance writer, photographer, blogger, and mother of four beautiful kids. She graduated from Cornell University and went on to pursue a Masters of Teaching at City University of Seattle. Miriam writes about topics related to travel, fitness, minimalism, stillness and finding joy in the little things. To read Miriam's full blog post go to JoyMailed Blog.