Demain Earth Day Film Review

Demain, is an inspiring film that takes us around the world showcasing the various ways individual communities are working together to make a difference for a greener more sustainable world. Instead of focusing on the negative, this documentary concentrates on positive stories of people trying to save our planet from a global catastrophe.

Co-directed by environmental rights advocate Cyril Dion and actress Mélanie Laurent,  this motivating film has made quite the headlines around the world. The film has been seen by more than 965,000 people in France alone at only its 20th week since it's release! In a review from Le Monde the film was described as a breath of hope. 

“In a France darkened by crisis and terrorism, this documentary is a ‘breath of hope’ ... (it) presents the spectators with people who are not in the light, but who create, invent, and are preparing for the future. It takes them out of the impasse”.
— Le Monde


The documentary starts with a shocking scientific conclusion reached by Stanford biologist Elizabeth Hadly and Berkeley paleontologist Anthony Barknovsky. They conclude that with rising temperatures and a growing global population, the planet could be at the tipping point of the 6th mass extinction, something unseen since the last ice age. The film crew then takes off on a voyage to expose positive actions of individuals trying to hinder this global disaster.

One story depicts the successful urban farming movement growing throughout the ghost city Detroit. Malik Yakini and a group of farmers are leading and promoting farm programs to address the food scarcity issue in the city. Another warming story of Kirkkojarvi Comprehensive School in Espoo, Finland shows us how kids should be taught in schools with a simple philosophy of teaching the children to prepare them for the future. As in all Finnish schools, there are no standardized tests, no state authority inspections, and no end of the year exams fostering a supportive and healthy learning environment.

Recology and the City of San Francisco has developed one of the most innovative waste reduction programs in the US with the goal of recycling 100% of the city's waste by 2020. It seems the city is already on the right path, in just a few years San Francisco was able to redirect 80% of their buried waste toward recycling, re-use, and composting. 

Pierre Rabhi, world-renowned French farmer and philosopher, speaks on the transition of agricultural practices such as agroecology and farming methods which respect the environment's natural resources.

Agroecology, in short, is an approach where nutrients and energy are recycled on the farm in closed loops with crops and livestock integrated into balanced local ecosystems, as opposed to monocrop farms, which require extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Throughout their journey Laurent and her crew meet different people along the way leaving their own positive mark in life whether it be in agriculture, energy, economy, democracy or education. Each initiative impacts and forms the path for a better tomorrow, a healthier planet, and a more sustainable world. This film inspires us all to do something today for us and for our future generations because the stakes are too high and time to short to do nothing.

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